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Warrior Doors, a family owned and run British manufacturing company, based in Birmingham since 1997, is known for designing and producing market leading, communal entrance and high security doors systems.

We believe in continuous improvement and over 20 years of being in business we have invested more than £300,000 in research and development.

We have some of the highest tested and certified doors in the UK and have never had a Warrior Door removed for failure.

Warrior Door is more than just a door as our motto suggests — we believe in providing quality of life, safety, and peace of mind.

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Over 20 + years we've manufactured and installed over 15,000 doors across the UK and abroad. Our doors maximize light, visibility and aesthetic while never compromising on security. Every Warrior Door that has been installed is still in place, and no one has ever successfully breached a Warrior Doors.

Rooted in Midlands Manufacturing

We are proud that as a Midlands based company we can have such a massive impact both nationally and internationally. From social housing doors to the flagship store of Gucci in London— although Warrior Doors have come a long way — we are fundementally grounded in our Midlands roots.

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Services Warrior Doors Provide

Warrior Solutions

Communal Entrance Doors

An aesthetic yet secure entrance door which can withstand the harshest anti-social behaviour environments through to warden control blocks with vulnerable residents. Suitable for social housing, commercial & industrial premises, schools and offices.

High Security Doors

Warrior Doors have worked with a range of high value retailers including jewellers and bullion dealers, helping them to feel the benefits of being protected by a high-security door from Warrior Doors.

Interlocking Security Doors

Our high security interlocking door systems are designed to provide the highest possible security level at your entrance. Warrior Intrelocking Security Doors can be customised for a stylish fully glazed integration into your premises.

Sliding Security Doors

Our security sliding door systems are the new innovation from Warrior Doors. They have been designed with elegance to provide a stylish state of the art entrances with the highest possible security level.

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Robbery Attempt Thwarted by Warrior Doors

“In a nutshell, it’s a no brainer: a once in a lifetime outlay for peace of mind, safety and security. I just cannot understand any jewellery premises that doesn’t do it, and what you are getting by dealing with Warrior Doors is the ultimate in securing your premises.

- Bobby Verma, Laxmi Jewellers -

Having never been broken into before it was a shock and realisation to the vulnerability of the business. Even though our alarms sounded and the police were called the thieves had enough time to steal a significant number of laptops from the premises. The front doors are the only real entrance and exit from the premises and this break in highlighted the need to protect them from future attacks. From the initial web search to the final fitting of the door it was clear Warrior Doors were the right partner to protect our main point of entry, they recognised our need to replace them as soon as possible so they expedited the replacement to meet our requirements. I would highly recommend Brett and the team at Warrior to protect your premises from intruders.

- Troy Baker, Founder & Managing Director of Design Reality -

The Warrior Doors door is solid and safe, and works like a dream. I don’t worry about the door anymore – it has given me real peace of mind.

- Sam Poursain, BMS Mission -

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